Applying for seminary

When a man reaches a certain point in his discernment, if he wants to discover if priesthood is his true vocation, he has to go to seminary.  It should be stressed that entering seminary is a stage of discernment, not a decision to definitely become  priest.


Contact the Vocation Director.

Discernment always happens with the help of the Church.  The diocese needs to get to know you better before offering you a seminary application.


The application process.

Applying to become a seminarian is a bit like applying to college, but with additional screening components such as background checks and medical and psychological screening.


Bishop’s decision.

After a personal interview and a careful review of your file, the bishop makes the final decision on whether an applicant is accepted.

Many men find the application process to be a healthy exercise in self-knowledge and a helpful part of overall discernment. To take the first steps, contact the Vocation Office.