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Is Jesus Calling You to the Priesthood?

Who Is the Priest?

Priests have a critical mission: to bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people.  They are spiritual fathers to thousands of Catholics. They preach the Gospel and offer the sacrifice of the Mass.  In short, priests are living witnesses of Christ in the world—men of strong character who stand out in our secular culture.

Sacred Ministry

What Do Priests Do?

The life of a priest is busy, demanding, challenging—and incredibly rewarding.  The vast majority of priests live happy, fulfilling lives. They love the people they serve, and in turn, are loved by their parishioners.

Priestly Duties

But What About Celibacy?

“My desire for a wife and children is so strong, I don’t think I can be celibate.” Join the club! Even Pope Francis felt that way when he was a young man. But with God’s grace, anything is possible! Don’t let fear of celibacy prevent you from exploring a call to the priesthood.

Celibacy: Everything You Need to Know

Discerning Your Vocation

As you contemplate what to do with your life, be confident that God has a specific plan for you, and that you can discover it through prayer!

  • How to pray about the priesthood
  • Overcoming fear of the priesthood
  • Recommended reading
Signs of a Priestly Vocation

Meet Our Seminarians

Young men like you are still answering the call. Meet the future priests of the Diocese of Springfield–and find out why seminary is such a terrific expereince.


Ready to take the Next Step? We’re here for you!

If you feel called, a member of our Vocation Team can help you to navigate the discernment process. Feel free to call or email.

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