Fr. Wayne Biernat

I remember being an elementary school student at St. Thomas the Apostle School in West Springfield and I began to ponder the following question.

“What did the priests at our parish do in the other 23 hours of the day when they weren’t celebrating Mass?”

The priests who were at my parish were very special and instilled that curiosity in my heart at an early age. I pondered what direction God was leading me in for my future and I always seemed to come back to the priesthood. I couldn’t shake it. That feeling of wanting to serve God and people was so strong and apparent within my heart.

Even when I felt blessed to date my best friend Michelle during high school and college I couldn’t help but think about the priesthood at the same time. Marriage was certainly an attractive vocation and quite beautiful. However, I just knew that God was calling me in a different direction.

I can’t describe it. That feeling of a calling to the priesthood was as natural as breathing air or eating food. I have absolutely loved my 13 years as a priest. They have been filled with tremendous blessings and it has been truly inspiring to see how God has helped me to overcome different challenges that have become prevalent realities.

I love celebrating Mass and feeling people connect with Christ. I am humbled to hear confessions and experience the courage and vulnerability of the human spirit. It is a great honor to celebrate a life well lived and well loved when someone passes away. The grace of witnessing true love in the sacrament of matrimony is a grace that I cherish with all of my heart.

I am truly grateful that Christ called me to be a priest. It is a gift I will continually cherish.