Fr. Jon Reardon

Unlike other life changing vocation stories, mine is quite simple. I did not have a monumental conversation to the Catholic Church. I grew up Catholic, went to Sunday Mass, was an altar server, went to CCD, etc. I, like many teens, became disinterested in church things when I was a teenager. Yet, the church was always on my mind for some reason. When I was 17, I remember a priest had asked me if I ever thought about priesthood… that sparked it. The thought was always in the back of my mind. From that moment on, all the way through college, the thought of being a priest was there, tugging at my heart. After college, I recall sitting in the pew one Sunday morning listening to Father give his homily. The thought hit me: if he can do it, so can I. It was a “leap of faith” moment. If God was truly calling me to be a priest, I had to trust Him. Shortly thereafter I entered the seminary and the rest is history. I was ordained a priest in 2008 and have served in several parishes and various ministries in the Diocese of Springfield. I have no regrets. That leap of faith made me realize that God is on my side, that my happiness and joy comes from Him – by doing His will, by trusting in His goodness, guidance, and love.

To any young men thinking about becoming a priest I offer one simple piece of advice: take a leap of faith, trust in God’s will for your life and you will have the joy and happiness that your heart seeks.