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Fr. Brian McGrath

My earliest remembrances of feeling called to be a priest go way back to middle school. But I had a very circuitous route to finally entering seminary and ultimately being ordained. It seems like every time I moved concretely closer to saying yes, I found a reason to move away.

Looking back on over 10 years of waffling on answering the call I realize there were many blessings in the journey. Instead of College Seminary I went to UMass and completed both my Biochemistry Degree and Masters in Education. I taught both at Pentucket Regional High School and Rockland High School, a profession that I loved and time that shaped my approach to Catholic Schools and CCD. I learned so much about myself and the world by having to search for a job, pay the bills, make my way through the challenges of the world. But I also feel I lost so many years I could have served the Lord. I was 25 when I finally said yes to the call and entered seminary.

It has been a life of wonder and awe. i journey with wonderful people in their moments of happiness and blessings as well as sorrow and brokenness. Baptisms, weddings and funerals … hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and cemeteries … every day is unique and filled with such grace. One thing I love about diocesan priesthood is its diversity and accessibility. I am my parishioners pastor in all the glory and struggle that means. I love being a priest.

I don’t know if God is calling you. But if you are reading this website, there is something stirring. Don’t turn away and miss out on a life of grace and blessing. I hope you will step up and answer God’s call